Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Is there anything more comforting than a chocolate chip cookie? Maybe a chocolate chip cookie in front of a crackling fire. The search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe is a lifelong process, I think. Everyone has their favorite type of cookie. I like doughy cookies, not crispy. I like to taste the vanilla and the brown sugar. I don’t want them too big because I’d rather eat more than one than one giant cookie.

Yes, I’ve put this much thought into cookies. My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is the one from Joy of Cooking.

I bought a mini scoop from Crate & Barrel a while ago to scoop my cookie dough onto the baking sheets. I don’t use silpats, I use Pam or Crisco to grease the sheets. I have one large ice cream scoop I use for cupcakes and muffins and this smaller one I use for cookies and you wouldn’t believe how easy it makes getting similarly sized little balls of cookie dough on the baking sheet for perfect little cookies. These are the things that make me happy.

Here’s a trick I learned about a few years ago regarding cookies. Unless you’re baking a bunch of cookies for several people, having 12 or more cookies on hand can be a hassle. We all want to eat 4 cookies a day but we probably shouldn’t. And when we don’t, they just sit there judging us with their cookie eyes. “Eat me,” they say. “We’re all going to die anyway, you might as well die having eaten some delicious cookies first.” That’s what my cookies say to me.

So. Now I make one or two batches of my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough, I bake as many as I want that day/evening and then scoop the remaining dough onto a cookie sheet and plop it in the freezer for an hour. I take the cookie dough balls out and put them in a labeled ziploc baggie and keep them in the freezer. You can take out as many cookie dough balls as you want, when you want, and bake them as you would regular dough. If you have friends come by unexpectedly for tea or dinner, you have a homemade dessert at the ready. If you want to bake two cookies for dessert, you can. I hope this makes you as happy as it has made me. Life is better with some delicious treats once in a while.

cookiedough1 cookiedough2 cookiedough3 cookiedough4

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