Sun catchers for the wee one.

We’ve all been sick. Blech. But we’re better! Yay!

And now that we are officially in December I get into the holiday spirit doing crafty things. Too bad my son doesn’t give a whiff about crafty things. This one project, though, he does like it’s end result. I was inspired by this post.


Please understand that I have done all of these sun catchers in a RUSH. My perspective is off, I am now noticing all the things I could’ve added or changed or done differently to make these truly lovely. But ya know, for a quick paper-cutting job, I’ll take them. Plus, they are very festive and fun to talk about with kids.


You will need:

1) construction paper

2) contact paper

3) tissue paper

4) scissors and exacto blade

5) blue tack or masking tape for hanging up

6) possibly printer for printing stencils


Here’s what I learned:

1) print a stencil you find on Google Images for complicated images, trace using ball point pen onto construction paper. The imprint of the trace should be enough to begin cutting the outline on the construction paper.

2) buying pre-cut tissue paper would be helpful

3) simple outlines are the best for young children

I had fun making these and will probably do another more intricate Santa head. I put all the tissue paper on these – my son really doesn’t care about doing crafts but I hand him one piece of tissue paper and say, “Put that here.” and he does and then I say, “Look what you and I made!” and he beams, proudly. Plus later he points to the sun catchers in the window, smiles, and names them, gazing at them deep in thought before he goes rushing off to chase balloons. Good enough for me!

My husband’s contribution was, upon looking at our handiwork, saying, “You should make a Krampus sun catcher”…! Why did I think of that?! That’s next.

Happy crafting.


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