Spicy ramen noodles.

I loved ramen noodles growing up. Who didn’t? The store bought pre-packaged soup was always one of my favorites. But years later I discovered this little thing called hypertension and how one’s relationship with sodium and MSG affect one’s health immediately and sometimes drastically. I had high blood pressure for like 5 minutes and lowered it by quitting smoking, changing my diet, and exercising. My husband always watches his sodium intake. Do I sound as old as I feel? Yes.

Bottom line: the little packets that come inside the ramen packages are basically evil. But I still love ramen noodles so when I saw this recipe for spicy ramen noodles with homemade seasoning, I thought, Hey, I can control what goes on my noodles and still have the noodles! Perfect.

This recipe is really good. I’m going to change it slightly because she uses a mix that I don’t yet possess and I want to fiddle with it. When I change it, I’ll post an updated version but for now, enjoy the meal I had yesterday because it’s really quite good. Instead of the Korean spicy seasoning, I used 1 teaspoon of hot chili oil and some sesame seeds i had lying around. It worked just fine.

ramen  spicyramen

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