One of the best glasses of spirits I’ve ever had.

I like the booze. I’m not going to beat around the morals bush here, let’s just come out with it: I like to drink. I used to drink a lot more and less well when I was younger but now that I’m a mother and have very little time to enjoy the nectar of the gods I savor smaller quantities but perhaps better quality of spirits.

Last night a friend whose husband is a spirits purveyor gave me a glass of Jacky Navarre’s Pineau des Charente. I had never even heard of Pineau des Charente but she described it to me and my interest was piqued. Then she gave me a glass to drink.


It’s wine, it’s cognac, it’s smooth and slightly sweet (not too sweet, can’t handle that anymore). It’s flavor is unlike anything I’ve experienced and I cannot recommend it enough. If I could afford to buy a bottle for everyone I know for Christmas, I would. It’s not cheap because it’s aged for 30 years before it gets to your lips. It shows.

I *am* going to get a bottle for me and my husband to enjoy because life is too short not to drink Pineau des Charente by Jacky Navarre.

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