More delicious food.

Recently, all I’m talking about online is food. You know when the state of the world is so depressing and overwhelming to you that you try to remain silent about all of it until you have something insightful or fun to say? That’s what I’m doing. There is so much going on that is upsetting or disappointing to me that I’m choosing to keep my thoughts to myself until I have something worth saying.

So. I use Pinterest to collect recipes. A lot of recipes. It’s rare that I pin recipes straight to my Favorite Recipes board without trying them, but I just did that — twice. Poached Egg on Croque Monsieur (wouldn’t that be Croque Madame?) and Ramen Noodles with Spicy Korean dressing. I don’t even have to try these to know that they will remain on my Favorites board. But try them I will. Soon.

Last night I made this soup – Mushroom & Barley Soup from NY Times. It’s very, very good. I top it with freshly grated parmesan cheese and love it. There’s something about barley I really like. I feel good after eating it. It’s a Fall classic and this recipe is easy and wonderful. Next time I’d like to pair this with thick slices of crusted bread topped with Gruyere cheese, toasted. I can also see a fried or poached egg sitting nicely on a small bowl of this with some cracked black pepper.


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